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Join Barrington and Arlene Francis and the Rainbow Atlanta team for a casual Meet and Greet at the Rainbow office in Acworth.

Learn how to make some extra part time income working a few nights and weekends or how to have a full time career in the Rainbow business. You will get answers to common questions and misconceptions about direct selling while meeting others who are also exploring the opportunity. 

It costs you nothing to come check it out, plus it is usually a ton of fun! 

There is no investment to get started in Rainbow (just a little time), and there is no door to door sales or cold calling involved in our marketing plan. Our business is really pretty simple - we show people a great product that can help their family, and we do it with their friends and family with us on each showing! 

Plus, we have come up with a very aggressive pay program that will allow you to make enough to pay for your Rainbow system within the first two weeks of training.

Meet and Greet is held every Monday evening at 7pm at our Acworth office.

3459 Acworth Due West Rd. Ste. 313
Acworth, GA 30101 

The Meet and Greet usually lasts about an hour or so and there will be some kind of snack food and drinks available.

We look forward to seeing you there!